The Shire Innovation Funds

Since 2010, the Shire Innovation Funds have provided financial support for initiatives that improve outcomes for patients with gastroenterology disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and bowel continence disorders. The Shire Innovation Funds are for IBD nurses, continence advisors working in bowel care and Specialist Registrars in gastroenterology.
  1. The Shire Innovation Fund for Specialist Nurses (SpNs) in Bowel Care has a long history of supporting specialist IBD nurses and continence advisors in bowel disorders who want to develop services further.

    You can read about some of the past successes in our newsletters here, and if this inspires you to apply, or if you want more information on the Shire Innovation Fund for SpNs in Bowel Care please click on Specialist Nurse.
  2. The Shire Innovation Funds for Specialist Registrars (SpRs) in Gastroenterology  supports SpRs who wish to
    • Attend the European Crohn's and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) congress to give their oral or poster presentations
    • Conduct research or develop projects to benefit patient care in the UK

Information about past recipients can be found in our newsletters here, and if you are interested in applying or obtaining more information on the Shire Innovation Funds for SpRs in Gastroenterology please click on Specialist Registrars.

The receipt of any grant from Shire is in no way contingent on the recommendation or prescribing of any pharmaceutical product.

IBD Nurses Specialist Registrars