Shire Innovation Fund for IBD Nurses

The Shire Innovation Fund for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) nurses was launched in 2009 as part of Shire Pharmaceuticals' continuing commitment to supporting initiatives that improve the outcomes for patients with IBD.
The aim of the Fund is to support nurses working in IBD who want to develop their services further for the benefit of patients with IBD.
The Fund
The Shire Innovation Fund for IBD Nurses is available twice a year. A minimum of 10 grants of up to £1,500 per year each are made available for nurse-led projects that further medical care for patients with IBD.
If you are a nurse providing care to IBD patients in the UK you can apply to the fund. The Fund is open to all types of proposals which show development of local IBD services such as practical and vocational courses that will give immediate benefit to patients, auditing and research activities, development of resources for patients, participation in congresses and purchasing of equipment. Examples of previous successful projects can be found in the Shire Innovation Fund for IBD Nurses newsletters, which you can download by clicking on the links on this page.
Apply Online or By Post
We recommend that you read the top tips on how to make your application successful. It provides some useful hints on what the judges look for when reviewing the applications.
On the Application Form:

  • More information on the Fund and how to apply
  • Deadline for the next round
  • Address for applications by post

Click here for the application form and to apply online.
Judging Panel
The Shire Innovation Fund for IBD Nurses is very proud to have the support of an independent judging panel comprising of 3 leading IBD specialist nurses:
Aileen Fraser
Bristol Royal Infirmary
Jane Povey
Wirral University Hospital Trust
Sheila Mair
Hairmyres Hospital, East Kilbride
All applications are provided to the panel in an anonymised form so that an unbiased and fair decision can be reached. Please note that Shire does not receive any details of the applications or the applicants until after the judging process has been completed.
Contact Us
If you have any questions about the application process or the Fund itself, please do not hesitate to email: