Apply to the Shire Innovation Fund for Specialist Nurses in Bowel Care

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In order to apply for the next round, please follow the simple process below:

  • Download and complete an application form
  • Fill in your name and email
  • Upload your application online/submit your application by post
  • Confirm that you have read and accepted Shire's Terms of Use
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been received

All applications are provided to the judging panel in an anonymised form so that an unbiased and fair decision can be reached. Please note that Shire does not receive any details of the applications or the applicants until after the judging process has been completed.

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Shire Innovation Fund for SpNs in Bowel Care
Shire Innovation Fund for SpNs in Bowel Care

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Shire Innovation Fund
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All applications must be received by the date below:
  • 5pm, Sunday 30th October 2016

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