Top Tips on How to Make Your Application Successful

Once all the applications have been received and made anonymous, the judging panel meet to assess the projects and determine which applicants should be awarded grants. Here are some of the key things the judges look for when analysing the applications:

Highlight the benefits of the project for patient care

Through the implementation of successful projects, the Shire Innovation Fund for SpNs in Bowel Care aims to help improve patient care and outcomes. Therefore, when developing your application it is important to describe the positive effect your project will have on patients in the UK with IBD or bowel disorders.

Include a breakdown of costs

Providing a comprehensive list of the costs required shows the judges that you have researched your project and have a clear understanding of what is involved. For example, an application for a training course may include the following costs:
  • Training course fees: £850
  • Travel costs (e.g. standard class return train ticket from London to Liverpool): £100
  • Accommodation (e.g. 4 nights in a standard hotel for 5 day course): £400
  • Total: £1350

Indicate how you intend to evaluate the success of the project

Applicants are encouraged to include full details on how they are going to monitor or analyse the success of their project, either through auditing the results or gaining feedback from other staff members and/or patients.

Set achievable timelines

It is important to show that you have a clear and realistic understanding of how much time will be required to develop and complete the project.

Think about the presentation

Make sure your application is clearly laid out and easy to read to facilitate the judges in making their decision.

Download an example application form


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